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Tickets on sale for FCK fans for Trabzonspor home match

F.C. Copenhagen home tickets are now on sale for the Lions' UEFA Champions League playoff game with Trabzonspor in Parken. They are only available right now to F.C. Copenhagen supporters.

The game kicks off at 9pm on 16 August.

For safety reasons, all tickets for the away section in the D Stand are being sold via Trabzonspor. Please note the Ground Regulations about fan separation at the end of this article.

Platinum card
You have your normal seat for the match, so you don't have to anything.

Other card holders and subscribers
Your normal seat is reserved until Friday 5 August at 10am, and after this deadline it will go on open sale to other FCK home fans.

We have decided to apply a 20% discount to this European game so long as you rebook your place before the deadline expires.

Open sale
All seats that are not reserved are on open sale.

>> Ticket Office (

For safety reasons the open sale is restricted to former ticket buyers for F.C. Copenhagen home matches. We have used this procedure before in European matches to avoid a mix-up of home and away fans.

Please note that many seats (over half of Parken's capacity) are still reserved for card holders, subscribers, sponsors and away fans. Some of these seats will be released on Friday at 11am – and maybe more seats later.

Prices (DKK) Adult Adult *) Children Children *)
S12 185,- 148,- - -
C1, C15, A1, A11 185,- 148,- 95,- 76,-
C3, C4, C12, C13, A4, A8 250,- 200,- 145,- 116,-
C2, C14 250,- 200,- 145,- 116,-
C6, C7, C9, C10, A6, A7 280,- 224,- 160,- 128,-
A2, A10 300,- 240,- 175,- 140,-
A3, A9 495,- - 250,- -
A5 749,- - 350,- -

* 20% discount included for card holders and subscribers


Separation of fans during football matches

From Parken's Ground Regulations:

11. Separation of fans during football matches

At F.C. Copenhagen matches, all stand sections – except for that reserved for the visiting team – are in general reserved for F.C. Copenhagen’s fans. For international F.C. Copenhagen matches, a small area of the A-stand will normally also be reserved for the visiting team’s VIP-guests.

At matches of the Danish Football Association, information on where the two groups of fans will be placed will be provided in connection with each game.

You are only allowed to display your association with the visiting team, e.g. by wearing colours, clothes or the like, or sing anthems or chants related to the visiting team, on the stand sections reserved for the fans of the visiting team. Please note that on the matchday you are not allowed to wear colours, clothes etc. which may be related to other teams than the visiting team.

These rules on “separation of fans” have been made in order to enhance security at all football matches in Parken. If you do not comply with these rules, you may be denied access/expelled without receiving a refund for your ticket, unless you have a ticket for the visiting team’s stand section. To the extent possible, the stewards will refer you to other sections in Parken.

Regarding international F.C. Copenhagen football matches taking place at Parken, persons supporting the visiting team are not allowed to buy tickets through F.C. Copenhagen. Reference is made to the visiting club’s own information on tickets to the sections to which the fans of the visiting team have access. For international matches and cup finals, reference is made to the ticket office of the Danish Football Association.