Viktor Fischer

Fischer answers your questions during coronavirus lockdown

In Tuesday's Facebook chat, Lions supporters were able to ask Viktor anything they liked.

What's the hardest thing about the coronavirus? Not being able to hug N'Doye in goal celebrations or not being able to visit the hairdresser? (Mathias Egebjerg)

Viktor: Hi Mathias! It's 100 percent that I can't hug N'Doye! I can choose between the hair I have now or the scarecrow and Jonas Wind has right now…

Hey Viktor. Is it hard to maintain the structure and motivation to keep yourself fit in these Corona times, where you don't know how long it will last? Looking forward to football starting again soon (Susanne Margaretha Fruhling Larsen)

Viktor: Hi Susanne. Sure, it's a challenge and we make a lot of it on the team. It is important to create a structure and everyday life, even if it is different right now. I make sure to eat sensibly, get up at a normal time, go to bed at a normal time and so on. At the same time we have small sessions where we are on a pitch at the same time, and it means a lot to see each other there, even if it is not training as we know it.

What does it mean to you to see a fan with your name on their shirt? Is it something that you notice and appreciate? (Michael Frimann Toubeily)

Viktor: Hi Michael. When I see it, I feel really warm inside and I can hardly help reacting. Last time I saw it I was very happy, but it turned out to be random Canadian tourists who had just bought one. They had no idea who I was!

Hi King of Kbh. How do you think the Superliga should end? You will probably not play all the matches. Who will go down and who will become champion??? (Mark Stampe Qvistgaard Jensen)

Viktor: Hi Mark. (I want to) know that we will play all the matches and find a winner through playing games.

Hi Viktor. How is it to get back on the field after all the injuries you've had? Do you still feel the same with your teammates? And how do you handle all the trouble that surrounded the songs around you? Lastly, huge fan and respect for you as a person and not least a football player! (Kristine Kierulff Jensen)

Viktor: Hi Kristine. Thanks for the sweet words. That was nice of you. I am well and I am on my way to getting by body in the right place. It's never cool to be hurt, but I feel like I'm well on my way. I have some really nice teammates and we support each other a lot. The debate around the homophobic calls was never about me, but about having to speak properly to one another and respect each other. There has been a good debate about it since, and I am happy to follow it.

What are you most hoping to achieve for the rest of your career? (Ruben Alexander Mühl)

Viktor: Hi Ruben. Uha, I hope to have the feeling I now have of being happy to play football and feel lucky every day that I can live off playing football!

Which four football players have had the most impact on you in your life? (Mette Cornelius)

Viktor: Hi Mette, Christian Poulsen is one. Christian Eriksen. Thierry Henry and Ronaldo - the real one! The first two are very much about the human, where Christian Poulsen taught me a lot about being a professional. Christian Eriksen is a hugely talented player and a good friend - not least when we were at Ajax together. The last two have inspired me with their incredible abilities both technically and as fantastic goal scorers.

Hi Victor. Are there any old players you miss at FCK and who on the team do you talk to most? (Andreas Pahn)

Viktor: Hi Andreas. I talk to Thomsen the most. He is a good friend. And I do miss many of them. Robert Skov, Santander, Pieros, Vavro. Jesse Joronen is also a great guy. I miss many.

Who is your favorite football player? (Michael Granild Benjamin Granild)

Viktor: Hi Benjamin. It's Thierry Henry from Arsenal!

Your high level has been missed and you have probably struggled with it yourself! But what is your form status despite the corona crisis and how do you see FCK's chances for a title, especially now that most players are recovering from injuries? (Jannick Bay Larsen)

Viktor: Hi Jannick. The form is good and it is perhaps the only good thing about the whole situation that I can now get better physically. Once that's in place, I'll probably hit my best level. I'm not too worried about that. We are the underdogs now, but we should definitely go for it.

How is it to have the Superliga's finest hair without having a hairdresser during these weeks?! Marco (Marco Asbjerg)

Viktor: Hi Marco! I've inherited my mother's hair, and that's good, because my dad is bald. I'll probably make it some time yet.

How do you go from playing internationally beautiful football from one match (against Celtic) and the next match you drew 1-1 against a bottom team in the Superliga, why do results swing and can't you get ready for the home games? (Allan Garodkin)

Viktor: Hi Allan. Whoever solves that riddle becomes a great coach! It's complex and I don't have an easy answer to that. We always strive to win and it is not about motivation but the vastly different tasks. I love to play football everywhere, but sometimes, things just don't work out the way we'd like.

Hi Viktor, is it an option to extend with FCK? Or is there a plan for when to leave again? (Simon Lanng)

Viktor: Hi Simon. I have three years left of my contract, so I don't have to extend now. I plan to be here a long time and am very, very happy to play for FCK and be in Copenhagen.

First, Viktor! Can't you with your amazing kicking technique just kick the corona virus far away? By the way, also I hope that with your formidable dribbling ability you will dribble around the corona! And last but not least, you need to know that my loneliness is much worse during this time when I cannot follow you and FCK, so I hope that the time of miracles is not over yet and that everything will soon be ok again! Your precious feet will hopefully soon bring joy to FCK, best regards and wishes to you and your family (Poul Jensen)

Viktor: Hi Poul. First of all, I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling lonely. It is a very unpleasant feeling that I hope you talk to others about. You have to do that. We look forward to seeing you all again in Parken and enjoying the energy and feeling it gives us all. All the best to you.

My eight-year-old daughter who is a very big fan asks: Hi Viktor, how do you become so good at football? From Melanie (Søren Dietz)

Viktor: Hi Melanie! It's mainly about fun, lots of training, and then you're probably born with a little talent too. But even with lots of talent, you really have to train a lot. One of the best I've played with is Pernille Harder. I trained with her when I was 15 years old, and she trained a lot and is one of the best in the world now!

Hi Viktor, I would like to ask what you thought / feel about the people who say you are arrogant and chant homophobic songs? (Christian Grunk Jensen)

Viktor: Hi Christian, I think the whole case around the chants ended up having a good debate that is still going on. And it wasn't about me at all. There were others. Generally, I am who I am. I don't think about what others think all the time. In fact, I don't think you should spend your energy on it.

If you could choose an optional superpower, which one? (Josephine Stefansen)

Viktor: Hi Josephine. It's a tough one. I would choose what Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen can do. To travel through time and space throughout the universe. It's pretty crazy.

Hi Viktor, what is your view of this whole coronavirus situation? Especially in relation to the European Championships. Is it a benefit to you personally that it is postponed? In relation to the injuries you have suffered, etc? (Caroline Jørgensen)

Viktor: Hi Caroline. Of course, it is a mess with all the cancellations and postponements, but it's the right decision around the European Championships. I can personally hope that I hit my best level again this year. If I do, I also have a chance to be selected!

Hi Victor, I miss seeing my favourite team. Luckily I have lots of posters and FCK gear in my room. Which jersey is the coolest of those you have played in? Greetings from Isabella, 11 years old (Mette Andersen)

Viktor: Hi Isabella, Thank you for your greetings. We miss you too! The best looking shirt is the FCK shirt. The classic Ajax jersey is also cool, but the whole white kit is the world's most beautiful.