FCK and FC Rosengård form women's football partnership

F.C. Copenhagen and Swedish club FC Rosengård have agreed to establish a sporting partnership that will benefit the squad development at both clubs.
The Danish-Swedish partnership will focus on developing women's football and young talent in the Øresund region.
FC Rosengård's women's team have for many years been a prominent player in the Damallsvenskan, with 13 Swedish championships to their name.

The Malmö club have also played a significant role in Europe for several seasons, including Champions League campaigns. It is precisely this experience that F.C. Copenhagen will benefit from while the club's first women's team is being established.
Rebecca Steele: A unique partnership
"We have great ambitions for our women's team, and therefore it's obvious for us to draw inspiration from some of the best around us," says Rebecca Steel, head of F.C. Copenhagen Women's Football.
"In Denmark, we still have a lot to learn in women's football, and since FC Rosengård are among the best in the Nordic region, we are now getting a master's lesson in developing a women's team at an international level. This partnership is completely unique for Danish girls' and women's football."
Johan Glennmo: A big dream
At the same time, FC Rosengård are presented a new strategy with a special focus on the establishment of a particularly ambitious academy for children and youngsters. It is in this department that Rosengård will learn from F.C. Copenhagen.
"Swedish football is behind in our talent development and this also applies at Rosengård," says Rosengård's club manager, Johan Glennmo.
"That's why a big dream of ours is now coming true, where we can collaborate with some of Scandinavia's best talent developers. At FCR, we have a goal to offer education and development at a high level to many more children and young people, and this is a very important step on the way."
Great potential for both clubs
The two clubs share a desire to leave a strong Nordic imprint on European football, and there is an agreement that a solid international position is best achieved by building bridges across countries and borders.
Specifically, the partnership offers an exchange of knowledge, tools, skills and resources across the two clubs. Employees from F.C. Copenhagen will therefore be regularly present at FC Rosengård and vice versa.
The two clubs will also continuously investigate the possibilities of expanding the collaboration.
"Malmø is Copenhagen's closest neighbour, and the potential in the Greater Copenhagen region is enormous," says Sune Smith-Nielsen, development director at F.C. Copenhagen.
"There can be many synergies across the two countries, and therefore I can envision us developing the cooperation along the way. It could be, for example, in the social area, where FC Rosengård are very strong today."
FC Rosengård's managing director, Håkan Wifvesson, adds: "We are very happy about this collaboration, and we believe that we can mutually strengthen each other on many levels. Therefore, we also hope that we can add more to our cooperation on an ongoing basis."

FC Rosengård Facts

FC Rosengård were created in a merger of LdB FC Malmö and FC Rosengård in 2012. The elite club LdB FC Malmö emerged from Malmö FF's women's team, which was established in 1970.
FC Rosengård has its roots in Malmö Boll & Sports Association from 1917. Since 2000 has had its home at Rosengårds Idrottsplats in Malmö, with activities for both men and women.
The club has won 13 Swedish championships, including eight titles since 2010, and frequently participates in the UEFA Women's Champions League.
FC Rosengård engage in extensive social work which, among other things, has created employment for 3,200 young people in Malmö. No less than 550 schools participate in the club's South African football programme, Football for Life.