FC Copenhagen and Netcompany agree digital partnership

FC Copenhagen and the IT company Netcompany have entered into an agreement on a digital partnership.

The parties want to give FCK fans an even better experience when they come to the stadium or follow the club digitally between the matches.

Completely advanced in digital development
"In our strategy we have an ambition to lead the way as a cultural flagship and at the same time be a central part of Copenhagen's everyday life," says Katja Moesgaard, COO at FCK.

"With Netcompany we get a partner who can challenge us and lift us all the way to the top shelf when it comes to digital transformation. This means that we, as a football club, can be at the forefront of digital development and thus give our fans even better experiences with FCK.

Football is more than the match
“We know that football is much more than the match. It is also everything that goes on around the games and between them.

"Here we will develop and become even more relevant and create more value for those who are interested in us. For this we have been looking for the right partnership, and Netcompany is a perfect match to help us get even closer to our fans.

"Netcompany, like us, has an ambition to be a responsible company that will play with the best and have an international perspective based on Copenhagen. We know that long-term and sustained work is planned, and we are very pleased that this is now up and running."

Netcompany are looking forward to entering the world of sports and linking FCK and our fans closer together.

"We welcome the partnership and we share FCK's ambitious goal of belonging to the absolute top of football clubs when it comes to work focused on data and technology solutions - especially for the benefit of the club's many dedicated fans," says André Rogaczewski, CEO of Netcompany.

"Together, we are launching a digital transformation that will give the club a unique insight into data that will create even better experiences and bring everyone closer to the players, coaches and everyone the club - both when the ball is kicked and after the full-time whistle."

Facts about Netcompany
Netcompany was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Copenhagen. Today, it is an international company with more than 2,000 employees in five countries.

Netcompany is a pure IT service provider of innovative, community and business critical solutions that accelerate customers' digital conversion through the development, maintenance and operation of digital platforms, core systems and interfaces.

Netcompany has among other things solved tasks for CPH Airports, Vestas and AO.

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