Enjoy our tasty menu in the DFDS Family Stand

In the DFDS Family Stand there is ample opportunity to eat and drink before and during the matches.

If you are a season ticket holder, you have access to our exclusive Club Leo Lounge before and during the game, where you can enjoy our menu. Match-day menus can be purchased before or on the day for season card holders. We recommend that you pre-order the menu as there is a limited number of meals available. The menu of the day is available for booking approximately one week before each match on billet.fck.dk

If you are not a season ticket holder, you can access the Club Leo Lounge by purchasing a meal, however, it must be done in advance at billet.fck.dk

If you do not want a meal, but maybe just a hot dog and soda to take to the stands, you can buy food and drink in all the lower stalls.

We look forward to seeing you at the DFDS Family Stand!

Mad og drikke på DFDS Familietribunen