Efterårsprogrammet er klar


For all Superleague-games, journalists and photographers must send their requests via www.superliga.dk. If you have questions, please contact akkreditering@superliga.dk

For F.C. Copenhagen home games in DBU Pokalen (The Danish Cup) and UEFA competitions, requests should be send in a web form, which we will link to here.

Accreditation for F.C. Copenhagen games
Parking in Telia Parken
F.C. Copenhagen has a limited number of parking spaces for media (access from Øster Alle along the Unibet-end stand). Accredited media can ask for a parking licens by mailing to Head of Media Jes Mortensen at jmo@fck.dk
Press entrance
All media must use press entrance A12 at the end of the Unibet (A)-stand closest to Per Henrik Lings Alle. The entrance will open 1 ½ hour before kick-off, and it is not possible to get access to Telia Parken before without prior agreement.
Press room
The press room is situated in the tower between Jyske Bank (A)- og Unibet (D)-stands, and our hosts will be happy to help you find it, if you are not familiar with the stadium. Here you will get the line-ups around one hour before kick-off, and we serve something to eat and drink.
Press seats 
The press seats are in the front rows at the central part of Upper Jyske Bank-stand (A), and normally there is free seating. Otherwise it will be announced in the press room.
Photographers have a separate working room in the area behind the big gates next to the press entrance. Whenever you go to the pitch area, you must wear the photo vest, you will receive at the press entrance. It must be delivered back as soon as possible after the game and before you leave Telia Parken, otherwise you will have to pay for it. It is possible to lend a lockable cabinet for equipment etc.
There is free wifi everywhere at the stadium. The name is “Telia Parken”, and you just have to register with e-mail and phone number. In the photographers’ room there is also an ASDL-connection.
Mixed Zone
After Superleague-games, staff and players will be available in Mixed Zone right next to the players’ tunnel.
You are always welcome to contact Head of Media Jes Mortensen or journalist Torkil Fosdal. Our press hosts will also be at your service.

We also welcome feedback under or after your visit, if you feel we can improve medio informations at our homepage.