Frederik Leth, Sune Smith-Nielsen, Ståle Solbakken og Daniel Rommedahl
Frederik Leth, Sune Smith-Nielsen, Ståle Solbakken og Daniel Rommedahl

Frederik Leth appointed new FCK technical director

F.C. Copenhagen have appointed Frederik Leth as the clubs new technical director.

There has also been adjustments in the roles of talent manager Sune Smith-Nielsen and director of football operations and international affairs Daniel Rommedahl, as well as the set-up around the team.

The start of the new 2020/21 season has not only been used to prepare the players for a fresh campaign, because a new team has also been added to the backroom staff.

Frederik Leth new technical director
Among other things, Frederik Leth will be the new technical director in place of Johan Lange, who has joined Aston Villa.

This means Frederik will have a greater area of ​​responsibility for recruitment and transfers of players and staff, as well as strategic development with reference to manager Ståle Solbakken.

“This is a very, very important position and appointment for us. Frederik is incredibly strong analytically and a very talented person, and it's not too strange that amongst us his nickname is 'The Brain'," says Ståle.

"Frederik knows the club down to the smallest detail after many years in the Talent Department and then in the Scouting Department, which he has been a key person in developing, most recently as head of the department.

"That role has also made him an integral part of our decisions and development from the Talent Department up to the First Team, and he has been a key figure in developing FCK in terms of structure, data and science. We are very happy that we have a person like Frederik on board."

Frederik has worked at FCK since 2012, when he started in the Talent Department. In 2014, he became a technical scout around the first team, and most recently he has been Head of Scouting and Analytics.

"I am very proud to have been shown this trust, and I look forward to the great challenge that lies ahead in the role. Fortunately, the club is full of talented people that I can work with and spar with on a daily basis," says Frederik.

"We have taken great strides in terms of working in a structured and analytical way in recent years, and this is an area we need to work on as opportunities are constantly evolving.

"We have an ambition to play with the best in the world, and we must also be able to do so in regards to organisation around the team and in our work to identify the right players for the team."

Other new roles
The new organisation means that talent manager Sune Smith-Nielsen and director of football operations and international affairs Daniel Rommedahl will have their areas of responsibility expanded.

"Frederik's focus will primarily be on the first team, and therefore Sune will have a more significant role as head of the Talent Department," says Ståle.

"Daniel will take on more tasks regarding strategic development, administrative work and be our representative on the board. They are both incredibly experienced and skilled, so here we feel very safe."

Fresh faces at FCK
The staff have also welcomed the appointments of Ben Rosen as physical trainer and Andrew Findlay as performance analyst, while David Cosgrave has become head of physical performance.

"They have brought us new abilities and ideas from their time in the Premier League and other clubs, and that will help us a lot," says Ståle.

"We have come a long way in terms of new organisation, but we are still looking for a new person for our scouting department and a head of player development that will be a new role within the coaching staff.

"We already have talented candidates, but we are not quite there yet. We feel we will have a very strong setup in the football department and we are constantly chasing development so we can continue to pursue the ambition to play with the best in the world. It is only possible if we put the optimal team around the team."