Viktor Fischer

Fischer: Football not important right now

F.C. Copenhagen's Viktor Fischer spoke to the FCK podcast from home as the squad remain away from the training ground due to coronavirus.

FCK's coaching staff have implemented a strategy where three to four players train in groups.

And Fischer went into detail about the new experience.

"We had the first day today, where we were put in groups of three or four. We kept some distance from each other and then trained a little bit in different parts of a park. We did some different things separately, but we could still look each other in the eyes at a distance.

Lots of free time but little freedom
“As football players, we are used to having a lot of free time, but there is a difference between having free time and having freedom. And there is not much freedom right now, but there is definitely a lot of free time.

"It's now about how to deal with not having this freedom that you normally have, but now you have to constantly look over your shoulder to see if you stand near people. Plus with giving people a handshake, in Denmark, you give each other your hand or a hug. It's a good way to show that you see each other or feel for each other, so we can't do that right now.

"You miss a little presence in your everyday life. I think it hurts a little that we have to get used to this for a shorter or longer period. So there will be an extra hug for the girlfriend in those times here.

A special mood about the match in Istanbul
"It was always among the players and in one's own mind, should we play or not play, and at some point some players were perhaps convinced that it would be best not to play the match. There was a lot of speculation over if there will be a return game at all, and would we not play against Lyngby this weekend and things like that.

"There was a very, very special atmosphere about it, and that's why you can totally forget that we actually got to play a football match. I think it was pretty incredible how many people performed at a high level. But in football it is just like this, the time is not really there to talk that way.

"We were glad we came home again, because we were in a little doubt about that, too. But we got through it and nobody got infected down there and people were very, very professional.

Thinking especially about our foreign players
"But I am thinking especially of our foreign players who may well need to see their family, and we have parents of children who are not in Denmark and who cannot get in touch with their children physically.

"It really hurts me at this time, and I really wish they could see their family. They also had a lot to look at in Turkey compared to what's really more important than football right at this time.

Football is not important right now
"Football has a huge justification to help the community and people need their entertainment, but in such a situation here, football just isn't important at all.

"It puts things into perspective, but when this situation hopefully soon runs over, and with as few injured and dead as possible, then we are ready to play football again, and people will also ready to come and watch. But we have to look at that in time."

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