Derby-view over Parken i smukt solskin

FCK attendance strategy for 20,000 fans per game

FC Copenhagen plan to attract at least 20,000 fans per home game in Telia Parken over the course of the 3F Superliga season.

This is part of our Strategy 2019+ which aims to boost spectator numbers and experiences and move the club to the next level.

Last season FCK saw on average 17,260 fans attend home league games. This was our highest attendance record since the 2010/11 season.

The the ambition is to raise this and keep on a progressive trajectory towards 2022/23.

Ambitious goal
“We are very aware that this is an ambitious goal, but we also believe that it is realistic. It requires many things to come together,” says FCK's COO, Katja Moesgaard.

“We want to be the place where Copenhageners gather. It requires us to make our home games a complete experience. We are continuing to work hard to make it a better and more complete experience to go to football in Copenhagen.

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"Our big matches must be a real alternative to everything else you can do in Copenhagen - even if you do not often come to Telia Parken. We think we have given examples of how it can succeed. This was seen in the Championship Round last season and our European games.

"But we cannot meet this mission alone. First of all, we need our current loyal fans, our partners and the city if we are to succeed. Everyone agrees that the matchday experience is better when more of us are in attendance, so we all have great interest in succeeding with this goal."

Good trends to build on in relation to development
FCK's brand marketing and development director Jacob Lauesen is keen to continue the progress.

"Last season we raised our lowest attendance from 8,000 in 17/18 to 11,000," Jacob said.

"In particular, the development of Sektion 12 has far exceeded our expectations, and for the biggest matches we now have Sektion 12 on both the Lower and Upper B stands. We are extremely grateful for that, and it promises well for the future.

"The overall attendance was also great, and we ended the season with an average of 17,260 fans, which is our highest since 2010/11. And we believe that we can build even more.

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“This must be done by, among other things, getting more people to buy season tickets and the more flexible subscriptions that have been well received. And then we have to make the big matches for a Copenhagen event in line with a big concert or street party. Everyone in the city must know about it and want to come when we, for example, meet FC Midtjylland in a direct duel for the title, or when we have the Derby against Brøndby.

“When Copenhageners give us the chance, we must match their expectations to the experience in all essentials. Then they will hopefully come again and recommend the experience to others. It requires that we know more about their expectations, so we will seek more knowledge about it.

"The ticket price is definitely not the only parameter, but it is crucial that we have a reasonable price level and therefore we have introduced significantly cheaper tickets in our new pricing strategy. We have also addressed free tickets, which we have reduced the number of considerably because it has to pay to be loyal.

"The main driver of attendances, of course, is that the team continues to deliver good games and results. But we think that 20,000 on average is an exciting and motivating goal, and we really believe it. We are ready to take the lead. In driving the development forward, we also believe that our fans and partners are ready.

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