FC Damsø's Dalsten: Chasing a childhood dream

Celine Dalsten is one of the current FC Damsø players who has been selected for the provisional squad for the upcoming F.C. Copenhagen women's team, which launches after the summer break.

Dalsten works as a police officer in her day job and is looking forward to representing FCK from next season.

"I am really happy and grateful for this. I have always been an FCK fan, so in many ways, I am chasing a childhood dream," says Dalsten.

"I am proud but I am also aware that I haven't yet achieved becoming an FCK player until it is finally decided. But I intend to give 100 percent to become part of the team, so there will be lots of self-training and hard work to be sharp when we start up in the FCK environment.

"I have worked hard on the training pitch and tried to show my best self along with the team to get the opportunity to become part of FCK."

Dalsten is one of a number of players who is moving over to the FCK squad for next season and has been aware of the transition for a few months.

"It has been exciting, but also with mixed feelings because we didn't know how it would end," she says. "I think we have been good at sticking together as a team and delivering good performances in our matches, even though a lot has been happening around us.

"Everyone has wanted to show their best, and personally, it has been very motivating for me because I really want to be part of the first FCK team."

In addition to the group of FC Damsø players who have been selected, Josephine Lech has been brought in from FC Rosengård.

"Of course, it's exciting to follow (the move) and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t keeping an eye on who comes in, what positions they play, and so on," Dalsten adds.

"My opinion is that it keeps everyone on their toes and creates good competition. So, for me, the arrival of new skilled players just gives me even more motivation and determination to show that I should be part of it."

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