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FC Copenhagen ticket information: Slavia Prague away

FC Copenhagen would like to update fans on ticket information for our Europa League game at Slavia Prague on November 8.

As expected, there has been a great demand for tickets for the away match against Slavia Prague.

All our tickets will be issued to registered VoresKBH members.

We have five per cent of the original 1,035 tickets available, but we are in dialogue with Slavia Prague about the possibility of expanding our allocation.

However, it is difficult because they have a smaller stadium and there is still a long time before the match.
We know that some people have purchased travel and hotel arrangements in advance without having a ticket and without being aware that VoresKBH members would have priority over the sale.

We will therefore discuss with our SLO team and the Fan Club over how we will clarify and inform fans about the "sales method".

At the same time, however, we would urge fans to call - if you need information - and contact our customer service, the SLO team or Fan Club before defining their travel plans.

Regardless of the method, however, there is always a risk of buying travel before tickets are available, when the demand turns out to exceed the offer and we are naturally sorry if we can not meet everyone's wishes.
We have also been asked if the Slavia tickets are issued with the name printed - they are not. However, if choose whether to let someone else use your ticket they will still have to show a valid Away Card at the stadium.