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F.C. Copenhagen second top of global Responsiball report

F.C. Copenhagen have been ranked second among clubs from across the world in the annual Responsiball report that reviews football clubs' efforts on governance, communities and the environment.

Topped only by Real Madrid in the overall rankings, FCK are ranked first for governance and first place for local communities. The club is ranked 23rd in the world for the environment.

Each sector of the report has additional sub-sectors, and overall FCK rank second in the world.

"It was a nice surprise when we received this report and saw how high we rank," says FCK director Jacob Lauesen.

Overall evaluation, Responsiball 2021
De fem højst rangerede klubber. Kilde:

"A large part of the credit must of course be attributed to the fact that we are part of a country and a league that is generally doing well in these areas. But we are of course also pleased to be recognised for our hard work around responsibility and for the way we run the club.

"Our ranking in no way makes us sit back, because we have only just begun our work in a number of these areas. We will move significantly in a positive direction in the coming years, including in our efforts on sustainability and the environment, where we have a backlog that we must catch up with.

"Therefore, we will use this report and ranking to source even more motivation to develop as a club and as part of Copenhagen."

You can read more about the Responsiball report right here.