D-tribunen i Telia Parken

F.C. Copenhagen offer school access to Telia Parken

F.C. Copenhagen have offered the City of Copenhagen's schools and institutions access to facilities at Telia Parken during the coronavirus crisis.

This means children can use the stadium facilities where space is otherwise lacking.

This week schools across Denmark are gradually re-opening. It has presented many challenges for our teachers and educators, as a new way of learning has had to be adopted.

One challenge is the lack of space in institutions and classrooms, as pupils and teachers strive to maintain a strong level of social distancing. FCK have therefore decided to offer the City of Copenhagen use of Telia Parken for schools and institutions that need more space.

A big challenge
"We know that this is a big challenge for many schools and institutions in Copenhagen, and we would like to contribute a possible solution for some of them," says Katja Moesgaard, COO at FCK.

"Our teachers and educators are making a huge effort right now so we can send our children safely and securely to school, kindergarten or nursery. We can help them a little bit here. We have a constructive dialogue with the City of Copenhagen.

Co-responsibility for health and education
"F.C. Copenhagen is part of the city and we have written in our strategy that we have a co-responsibility for the health and education of all Copenhageners. We hope this offer can help make a very difficult process a little easier for some.

"We are now having a dialogue with the City of Copenhagen and with the schools that need more space, on how to best find solutions to these needs."

We have to be creative
Copenhagen's children and youth mayor Jesper Christensen also spoke about the initiative.

"All the municipalities in the country have been given the task by the government that in a very short timeframe we must be able to offer care to the parents who have a need," says Jesper.

"In Copenhagen we have chosen to open (institutions) as of Wednesday this week.

"Now we are ready with all our institutions, but it is with limited capacity. Therefore, we must be creative, and I am pleased to find that our big cultural companies, housing associations and sports institutions are willing to step in."

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