Rasmus Falk

Falk: It's good to be back

Rasmus Falk says he's ready to get started on a new year at F.C. Copenhagen following his well-earned Christmas break.

The midfielder enjoyed a New Year's holiday in New York and was back at Number 10 on Sunday for physical tests ahead of the winter training schedule.

"We spent the holidays visiting family and friends, and then after Christmas we went to New York and also had a trip to Boston before we landed in Copenhagen," says Falk.

“We actually landed in New York on 26 December on the same plane that Boile (Nicolai Boilesen) was going home on that evening, but we didn't manage to meet at the airport.

"I got to watch some basketball over there, I'm very keen on that, so it was cool. It didn't fit with Boston playing at home when we were there, but I saw both a game in Brooklyn and one in Madison Square Garden, and it was a great experience."

Nicolai Boilesen
Falk ser til, mens Boile tester "springformen". Foto: Gaston Szerman, FCK Media

Busy autumn
Falk enjoyed his winter break after an autumn season where he featured in every competitive game for FCK - and the vast majority from the start. It was the first time since the autumn of 2016 that he has been without short- or long-term injury.

"Yes, I had a busy autumn but I have kept up during the holidays, a lot in fact, and not only because of the football, but because I just like to be active and doing other things," he says. "I've played some padel, some football with the friends at Fodboldfabrikken, and then they also have some fantastic gyms in the USA.

"I had packed my training clothes including a Zeca shirt from Panathinaikos. I still have good contact with him, but I don't know if he also trains in a Falk shirt, but at least he has one. I'm doing what I can to market him around the world, ha ha!"

Rasmus Falk træner i en Zeca-trøje

Falk adds that he isn't daunted by the winter training schedule, and that he's experienced plenty during his career.

"Of course, I'm most looking forward to the games starting, but on the first day back it's always fun to see each other again and hear what people have done and just get into the atmosphere again," he says.

"I'm looking forward to getting started playing football, I love it. We also have to invest in strength training and running and all the tactical things we have to go through, but we know that it also benefits us, even if it's not necessarily the most fun thing in the world."

Glasgow and Prague: Not just practice matches
"And then it will also be great to get down to the heat in Portugal, where we can focus 100% on being sharp for the first match. At least we have the conditions there, because right now the training conditions at home are not perfect due to the weather. But it is as it is and we have done it before, so it does not change anything in relation to where we stand.

"There is also not that long until the first training matches in Glasgow and Prague, and they are good opponents that we are happy to meet.

Falk viser, hvor han scorede for U21-landsholdet ved EM-slutrunden i 2015
Falk & co. har gode minder fra CL-kval.kampen på Epet Arena i august. Foto: Torkil Fosdal, FCK Media

"These may be training matches but when you're there it can be more beneficial than playing a match here at Number 10 against an opponent we have met 50 times before or from a lower division.

"It provides a different intensity when you play in a real stadium with spectators, and when you have also traveled to prepare for the match."