Valdemar Lund

Valdemar Lund sold to Molde FK

F.C. Copenhagen have sold Valdemar Lund to Molde FK.

Lund joined FCK from our partner clubs AB Tårnby and Sundby Boldklub and continued his development at F.C. Copenhagen's Talent Department.

He was promoted to the first team in the summer of 2021. Now his career continues in Norway's top division.

PC: Lund a 'very capable player'
"It's always a little sad when someone who has been at the club as long as Valdemar has moves on," says FCK sporting director Peter Christiansen.

"We think he is a very capable player, but we have come to the conclusion together with him that he needs a fresh start and better opportunities for continuous playing time at a high level.

"Therefore, we are happy that together with Valdemar we have found a good club that he can become a part of. We wish him all the best in the future, where we will of course keep an eye on him."

Lund: A special feeling
For Lund, he is about to start a new chapter in his football career after many years at F.C. Copenhagen.

"It's a special feeling to move on," says Lund.

"I love F.C. Copenhagen and it will always be my club, but I also have to think about my development and how to reach the highest possible level.

"It requires me to play more games than I have done recently at FCK, and therefore it is the right decision to try something else.

"It's hard to say goodbye to everyone in and around the club, but I will still come back and visit and certainly come to Parken for the games when I can."

Neestrup: The right thing for Valdemar
FCK head coach Jacob Neestrup adds: "It's tough to say goodbye to Valdemar, who is one of our own young players and who has had many talented coaches help train and develop him over many years.

"Valdemar is a true F.C. Copenhagener who has had a desire to move on after very, very difficult considerations. It has not always been easy for Valdemar, but I will remember - and I think everyone else will remember - that he was one of the players who helped FCK do the double this spring in an extremely pressured situation.

"He played a perfect cup final, and when we most needed to stand together he was one of the players who lined up in a three-man defence at Brøndby Stadium and won a hugely important victory.

"In other words, despite bumps in the road, Valdemar has delivered for F.C. Copenhagen in a difficult time, and we all owe him thanks for that.

"His search for regular playing time, which his talent entitles him to, has resulted in him heading to Molde and everyone at F.C. Copenhagen and not least I myself wish him lots of good luck."

- - - -

Everyone at F.C. Copenhagen good luck in the future and thank him for his efforts for FCK.