Telia Parken

Status on season ticket and subscription donations during Covid-19

We are now nearing the end of a very unique autumn season for all F.C. Copenhageners. It has, in all honesty, been a tough time for you as fans and for us as a club. We have missed you in the stands, because it is the experiences with you that we come to work for every day.

The club has been impressed with how our fans have supported us with countless initiatives through this difficult time. Most recently, it has been overwhelming for us that FCKFC and Section 12 have taken the initiative for their support tifo project, which FCK fans have strongly backed.

It was also incredible to see that we set a record for season ticket sales with more than 12,500 seasons tickets and subscriptions. We have not been able to give you what you would rather have - and what we would rather give you - namely good experiences in Parken with other FCK fans.

As a club it frustrates us too, but everyone knows the reasons for our current situation and we have done what we can to get more fans in the stadium. We now recognise that it is unrealistic to believe that we will reach that goal on this side of the New Year.

The goal for now is to prepare for the continuation of the Superliga schedule when the winter break ends in February, when we start the spring season. However, the rest of the autumn will most likely be played with a maximum 500 people inside the stadium – and this includes players, coaches, physios, officials and medical staff, before the final numbers can be allocated to fans.

Season ticket / subscriber choice
We are also approaching the time when you as a season ticket holder or subscriber must decide whether you want to donate your season ticket or subscription to the club, or whether you want compensation.

It is important to emphasise that we are only talking about compensation for the autumn games, as we do not know the prospects for the spring in relation to Covid-19.

Projects in the B, C and D stands
We have been very thorough in our research of what would make the most sense for the fans who want to donate in terms of finding the right solutions.

The goal has been to choose projects that both create even better experiences for FCK fans in the future and help the club in a difficult time.

Our analyses and conversations with fans have led us to donate to specific improvements on the three terraces - B, C and D - of Parken stadium. Overall, we want to ensure that the donations help to elevate the experience of our fans for the future matches in Parken.

The process for season ticket holders / subscribers
Starting on 30 November, we will contact all season ticket holders and subscribers via email with more information about the compensation - both the amount itself and the specific options for donation.

It is important that you make a choice before the deadline stated in the email, as we naturally want the best possible overview of our future projects for the benefit of all F.C. Copenhageners.