Robert Skov

Robert Skov: My first hat-trick

FC Copenhagen beat Horsens 6-1 away on Sunday and Robert Skov spoke about his first career hat-trick.

Robert Skov
"We had a lot of success today and of course it also helps that Horsens had a man sent off early in the game. But we come out with good energy and a very good reaction after some of our results lately.

"This is the first time I have scored three times in a match. The first goal, the free kick I have gradually trained for and I'm in a position where I expect to score when I get the ball.

"The second came after nice play from Nicolai Boilesen, and then I tried to get a bit of speed in the shot, it may not have come off right, so it was nice to see that it went in anyway!

"The third goal came again after some fantastic skill, this time from Rasmus Falk, and I just had to flick it on and it went in!"

Jonas Wind
"It's always hard to come here to Horsens and just after a European match. The red card helped us, of course, but it's not always easy to play against 10 men playing so deep. So I think it's great that we created as many chances as we did."

Mohamed Daramy
"It was a great experience to come on today, I did not expect it, although I've been training well lately. But it was nice to experience the game, hear to the fans and so on.

"I thought it was easy to come into the team, the others welcomed me and were good at talking and directing during the match. But of course, you're a little nervous at the start."