Parken Go - den nye selvbetjeningsbod i Parken

Parken Go: New self-service concept tested in stadium

Parken Stadium is the first in Scandinavia to open a new self-service booth for food and drink, where you can pick up your items without having to stand in a queue to pay.

Parken Go will initially open for a trial run in the C Stand. All users will need to do is scan their bank card at the gate, enter the stall and pick up when they want.

Aim to deliver the best experience in Parken
The new concept is part of our mission to enhance the overall visitor experience at Parken Stadium, whether you're at the ground for sports, music concerns, or other entertainment events.

The booth will be present in the C13/14 area of the Lower C Stand for Tuesday's UEFA Champions League match against Manchester City, and for the rest of the spring.

The aim of Parken Go is to speed up our customer service in the stadium's stall areas, and thus ensure the best possible experience for all guests.

Good for fans
"We are constantly looking for new, innovative solutions to improve the total experience in Parken, and we have seen this concept in practice at Aston Villa and Leicester in England," says Brian Månsson, Director of Venue.

"We are now testing it as the first in Scandinavia, and the aim is that Parken Go will help to raise the experience level in the ground, so that it will be even easier for fans to enjoy food and drink on the concourses, while being able to return to their seats and watch the match.

"We hope with the launch of Parken Go that we can secure the future development within F&B in Parken. We hope that the concept will be well received, and if it proves to be a success, the plan is to expand it across more areas in Parken."

How it works
The concept is simple: scan, grab and go.

  • Scan - Scan your bank card, Apple Pay or Google Pay at the entrance and wait for the green signal. Up to four people can enter on the same card.
  • Grab - Take the desired items from the shelves, everything is registered automatically.
  • Go - Leave the stall and your purchase is completed. Scan the QR code outside the stall if you want a receipt.

The area has staff present who continuously replenish the shelves and assist fans. You can pay by card, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

What's available with Park Go
You can find the usual range of food, drinks and sweets at the Parken Go stalls. You can also buy GORMS' brilliant grab'n'go version of their thin, crispy pizzas. These are half a handmade and crispy sourdough pizza, wrapped around salad and dressing. Just pick it up and enjoy in the stands.

The technology behind the concept
The shopping area is controlled by camera technology, which automatically registers all the items you take from the selection, so you don't have to stand in line to pay. This does not mean that you as a person will be videotaped, but instead a computer-generated avatar of you as a trader will be created.

This technology therefore does not allow us to video or recognise individual fans who use the booth, or to store the video material. It simply ensures that you pay for what you choose in the stall. You can see an example in the video at the bottom of this article.

We look forward to seeing you all at the first game of the year and hope that you will welcome our test of the new Parken Go concept.

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