Jacob Neestrup

Neestrup: We matched Leverkusen well

F.C. Copenhagen head coach Jacob Neestrup says he got much of what he wanted to see from the 1-0 friendly defeat at Bayer Leverkusen on Sunday, which marked the Lions' first game back from the winter break.

Neestrup was able to field a good number of his squad and also hand an unofficial debut to January arrival Diogo Gonçalves.

Discussing Sunday's clash, the boss says: "I'm happy with the first 60-65 minutes in particular. Right from the start we looked like a team that's hard to beat.

"We were good in our early build-up when they went high against us, but what we lacked was being able to run into space in the last 20-25 metres, even though we actually got there easily enough. We need to get more out of (our territory) in terms of long shots, crosses, corners and so on. That was also the primary reason why we had a few too many turnovers against us in the second half.

"Our own high pressure also worked OK, and we tried as long as we had the strength. But they are also in a different place than us in their preparations, and of course you have to remember that. But that was precisely why we came down here to be really well matched and get speed in our feet and in our heads. And in that way I think we got the most out of what we had.

"The result being 1-0 or 0-0 doesn't mean much, because it was a fairly even game, especially in the middle of the pitch, but when they broke our defensive line they were more dangerous than we were. Yet in other phases of the game we were a little bit better than them.

"We had to play the last quarter with 10 men because David Khocholava had to leave the game after a blow to his foot. We were caught out by the fact that Victor had to withdraw yesterday and we couldn't change his ticket, so Mukairu couldn't come with us. He had to take a later flight, but due to bad weather he missed a connection and therefore he didn't make it down here. It's a shame, of course, but then the rules are such that we can't put a substituted player back on.

"But otherwise I think we looked relatively fit and fresh, and there was some good interplay both offensively and defensively, so we have got off to a good start with our winter preparation."

Next up for FCK is a home friendly clash with Hvidovre IF on Thursday 26 January at Number 10.