Lukas Lerager

Neestrup reacts to 1-1 draw with AGF

F.C. Copenhagen head coach Jacob Neestrup believes the Lions deserved at least a point from their late draw with AGF on Sunday.

Rasmus Falk scored to make it 1-1 in the third minute of stoppage time to ensure FCK brought something back from the trip to Aarhus.

Discussing the game, Neestrup said: "I think our first half was close to perfect, and the only thing missing was that we didn't score one or two from the big chances we created.

“After the break they began with a lot of set pieces and we lost the rhythm of our game for a period, but I still think the second half was quite even and with very few chances. We then gave the ball away for their goal but after that we did everything we could to fight back and we pushed them massively towards the end.

"So I definitely think it's deserved that we got at least one point. It wasn't a perfect game from our side, because then we would have had all three points, but I think we delivered a really good away performance here in Aarhus.

"There is a big difference between losing and drawing, especially heading into the international break. I don't want to go into it annoyed about the two points that we didn't get today, because we have to live with that once in a while in a game like this. I am more annoyed that we lost at home to both Silkeborg and Midtjylland."

Kevin Diks was sent off late in the clash for a second yellow card after a challenge with Mikael Anderson.

On the second yellow, Neestrup said: "I can understand that it can look like that from (referee) Sundberg's angle, because it went fast at the end, and you have to understand that. He refereed an excellent game by the way. But when I look at it afterwards from several angles, I honestly think that it is Mikael Anderson who committed the foul and who should get a yellow."