Luther Singh

Luther Singh back in Copenhagen

F.C. Copenhagen's Luther Singh is back in Denmark after a delay of almost a week following his selection for the South Africa national team during the international break.

Singh's late arrival means he isn't included the in the travelling squad for Thursday's UEFA Europa Conference League game at Slovan Bratislava.

His delay back to Europe was due to a lack of blank pages in his passport for stamps, which the South African Football Association was made aware of that the beginning of the international window. In order for Luther to return to Denmark a new passport and visa had to be issued.

F.C. Copenhagen have been ion conversation with Luther and the South African FA on this issue, but due to circumstances that have been out of the club's hands the issuance of a new passport has been greatly delayed.

"We are disappointed that the South African FA, in our view, has not assisted Luther to a large enough extent to get him back to Copenhagen within the FIFA-dictated deadlines," says FCK Director of Football Operations and International Affairs Daniel Rommedahl.

"It has also been very frustrating for Luther himself. We will have further dialogue with all relevant parties so that similar situations do not arise again."