Kevin Diks

Kevin Diks' second yellow withdrawn on appeal

Kevin Diks' second yellow card picked up in Sunday's draw against AGF has been withdrawn by referee Jakob Sundberg.

After FCK's complaint about the caution, which led to Diks being sent off, the referee has assessed the challenge again, based on TV footage, and concluded that the offence did not warrant a booking.

This means that Diks is not suspended in our next Superliga game against Vejle on Saturday 21 October at 5pm.

Referee's statement
In the decision from the Disciplinary Committee, Jakob Sundberg's statement reads:

"The referee has stated that the assessment during the match was that Kevin Diks committed a reckless foul by tackling without regard to the danger to which his opponent was exposed.

"The referee has stated that, after reviewing the TV footage, he considers that the offence was not as violent as he saw it on the field and that Kevin Diks, in the referee's opinion, only showed a lack of foresight in his effort to win the ball, while the tackle must be assessed at the rate alone.

"On that basis, the referee concludes that Kevin Diks should not have been awarded a second yellow card and the accompanying red, which the referee regrets."