Highlights: Sturm Graz 1-0 FCK

FC Copenhagen lost 1-0 to Sturm Graz in our first training game of pre-season.

The Lions fell behind just three minutes in after conceding a penalty against the Austrian side.

FCK are in Austria and Slovenia this summer for our usual training camp.

Ståle reaction
After the game manager Ståle Solbakken said: "We had an unfortunate start when Zeca lost the ball in the middle of the field and from the resulting corner Boilesen kicked one of their players in the head - and we were punished.

"But then we took our time and the game went as expected, because I know that we are missing breakthroughs right now, which we are working day and night to solve.

"We also created the three or four great chances can expect against a team like Sturm Graz, and many of our players did a really good job.

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"The basic game is good and we tried many tactical approaches on the pitch. But as I said, we just lack the breakthrough power because we do not have forwards right now.

"Sometimes a club is faced with a difficult situation. One is selling a player - we could live with - but it was impossible to predict that during a week we would miss both Pieros Sotiriou and Jonas Wind for a long time, which causes the situation to be precarious.

"But Pieros' surgery has not gone as it should and there are complications, and Jonas is getting stronger. This happens sometimes. But (the injuries) just hit the same position, and at the same time we have Viktor to the World Cup.

"But we have to live with and repair, and we're working on it around the clock. "

FC Copenhagen's next match is Wednesday at 17:30 against Slovenian side Maribor.

Meanwhile, FCK.dk caught up with two Lions players to reflect on the Graz game.

Rasmus Falk
"It was a good match for us, played at a good pace. Overall, the second half was very good, although we changed a lot and played different formations.
"It may be a bit difficult to get it right, but we are getting some excellent chances, and it is very good. We can take this with us and build on it. Most importantly, the minutes we get in the legs, and then the youngsters got the opportunity to show themselves a bit."

Carlo Holse
"I'm very pleased with both my and the team's efforts today, as the case may be with some new faces. That's also why we have pre-season matches here. We faced a good team and sometimes we were under pressure, but we handled it well."