Fan Village bag B-tribunen

FCK Fan Village update

On Monday the Copenhagen Municipality's Committee for Technology and Environment refused to grant a building permit for the expansion of the FCK Fan Village.

Therefore, FCK will instead continue with the previous practice of providing mobile food trucks and toilets, which do not require a building permit and which are in accordance with the local plan.

"We will of course take note of the decision and will continue to set up our mobile Fan Village, as we have done since March," says Jacob Lauesen, director of FCK.

"This means that there will be no bouncy castle and tent, but fans will still be able to buy food and drink in the usual way and there will also be a number of activities for the youngest F.C. Copenhageners, which do not require a special permit."

The mobile trucks that FCK have used 14 times since March do not require a special permit from the municipality. FCK have recorded and reported on every single event in the Fan Village - which is located on Parken's campus - to the Copenhagen Municipality, which has taken note of them all.

At the same time, the Fan Village has meant that FCK's fans are to a much greater extent gathered in one place instead of being scattered all over Østerbro.

"We can understand that the committee would like to see work go into another location for a permanent Fan Village," adds Jacob Lauesen.

"We are of course ready to discuss that, but until it is in place, we will continue our current mobile set-up, which is in accordance with the local plan and the other rules and legislation in the area."