Fan Village bag B-tribunen

Fan Village project to end

F.C. Copenhagen must unfortunately announce that it has not been possible to secure the framework required to create our Fan Village. Therefore, the club has no option but to give up on the project.

All supporters who donated to the Fan Village will of course have the opportunity to receive a refund.

F.C. Copenhagen have worked for three years to establish a Fan Village that is compatible with local planning regulations, space requirements, security, licensing, and has the support of our neighbours and Copenhagen municipality's political decision-makers.

After exploring many options a conclusion has been reached where it is not possible to find a final solution for the Fan Village, which many supporters had been looking forward to enjoying.

"It is very unfortunate that we have to give up the Fan Village," says FCK director Jacob Lauesen.

"We have tried in several ways to find a solution, but it is simply not possible to make all ends meet. Instead, we will now have full focus on paying back the fans' donations and thanking them for their support on the project.

"We have to recognise that Parken is located in a densely populated area. At the same time, we have now twice as many fans as when the initiative was launched during the coronavirus pandemic, and at the time we were unfortunately too optimistic in relation to a project of this size with the approvals it requires."

F.C. Copenhagen have contacted fans who have donated to the Fan Village, and you have until 15 July 2024 to apply for a refund.

Everyone at F.C. Copenhagen would like to say a big thank you to the fans for their commitment to the project and for their support during the pandemic.