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Watch two FC Copenhagen home games this week

FC Copenhagen play two homes games this week - here's how you can buy tickets for the matches!

First up for FCK is a clash with AaB on Wednesday, April 18 at 8pm.

The Lions will then host AC Horsens on Saturday, April 21 at 4pm.

Both matches will be played at our stadium Telia Parken on Øster Alle and you can still buy tickets.

>> Click here to buy FC Copenhagen tickets for our upcoming home games

FC Copenhagen's week ahead

Monday: Training at 11am-12noon at Number 10 training centre
Tuesday: Training at 1pm in Telia Parken (closed)
Wednesday: Home game vs AaB at 8pm at Telia Parken - and U19 play against Rangers FC in Glasgow
Thursday: Training at 10.30am at Number 10 training centre
Friday: Training at 10.30am at Number 10 training centre
Saturday: Home game vs AC Horsens at 4pm in Telia Parken - and U17 play league match at 3.15pm in Esbjerg
Sunday: Training at 10.30am on Number 10 - and U19 play league match at 5pm in Esbjerg