Mohamed Daramy

Ståle: Derby draw fair for FCK

Ståle Solbakken was naturally disappointed F.C. Copenhagen could not hold out for a win in the 1-1 draw with Brøndby on Sunday.

But the FCK manager believes at least a point was warranted from the derby clash, which saw BIF equalise in the final minute.

"Viewing it over the whole match, the result was well deserved, but it is a pity when it happens that way," Ståle said.

"There is not much to say about their goal, it is too short a pass from Andreas Bjelland, so there is not much more to analyse on that.

"I am perfectly happy with our basic game today and most of the time, right up to the last 20-25 metres. From there it became a battle through too much small play and nippy football, and we lacked the power to make the final breakthroughs and create chances.

Daramy can reach this level
"Mo Daramy and Mikkel Kaufmann did not get much joy out of today, but it's not because they lacked support. It wasn't really Daramy's day today, but he can certainly reach this level and should probably do so again.

"The left side with Pierre Bengtsson and Jens Stage were was also a little locked today, and Stage - who otherwise has covered a lot of the field and has been purposeful in recent matches - was not as frontal today either.

"Pep Biel and Guillermo Varela had a lot of space in the right side, and Pep just got better and better as the match progressed, even though it was going at a high pace with lots of physical challenges.

"I really felt that we had good control far into the match, where they were mostly looking for counter attacks or fouls, but they came back with several big chances both before and after the break. Some they create themselves, but we also gave them a few chances.

Look towards FCM clash
"Now focus is on FC Midtjylland in Telia Parken next Sunday, and of course we would like to have played in front of full stands and be closer to them in the league.

"But we have to make the best of it. We have been stable since the coronavirus break with three home victories and two draws away, and it will be the same team in a week, except Zeca who is suspended."