F.C. Københavns trænerbænk

Neestrup: Derby intensity will be fierce

F.C. Copenhagen head coach Jacob Neestrup says he expects a high-intensity game from the Lions' derby visit to Brøndby on Sunday.

The 2pm kick off will sadly not have FCK fans in attendance. Bar at Parken Stadium will be open for supporters to watch the game on TV.

But despite there not being two sets of fans in the ground, and a long injury list in his squad, Neestrup reckons the Lions' recent upturn in results will help come Sunday afternoon.
"We know what awaits us, and we must be ready to handle it," says the head coach.

"There is always plenty of pace and intensity in these matches and in every challenge.

"It's also important for us that we keep the structure of our team and game plan.
"We must continue the progress we have had in our performances over recent matches, where we have at least been stable and constant in our expression.

"As everyone knows, we have a number of key players out, but despite that, we will once again field a highly competitive team for the derby on Sunday, which the players are very much looking forward to.

"It's a shame that we are in a situation where there can't be fans from both clubs, but that's the way it is, and we have to try to do our part so that the FCK fans have a good day in front of the television instead of in the stadium."

Bar at Parken Stadium opens from 12 noon.

Bar på Øster Alle - på hjørnet mellem B- og C-tribunen