Kamil Wilczek: The Art of Finishing

F.C. Copenhagen striker Kamil Wilczek scored his first goal of 2021 in the victory over Randers on Monday and spoke to FCKTV about his diligence when it comes to shoot practice. 

"For me everything is about repetition," said the striker. "If you make a lot of repetitions during the week then you feel more confident and you don't think so much before you shoot during a game. So everything is about practice."

Wilczek's strike, which got FCK on their way to a 2-1 triumph over Randers, was his first since November and came on his first start of the year.

"Mostly what I love is to shoot first time," he added. "I think it's the most dangerous, difficult to defend and it's difficult for the goalkeeper – they are not ready for the first shot. I want to train my first-touch finishing and I know even if the shot is not perfect it's difficult to defend."

Check out the entire interview (in English) right here with FCKTV!