Tifo på Sektion 12

Fixture list for Champions League

F.C. Copenhagen's fixture list for the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League group stage has been confirmed.

The dates and kick off times for our Group A games are as follows:

  • Wednesday 20 September, 6.45pm: Galatasaray (a)
  • Tuesday 3 October, 9pm: Bayern Munich (h)
  • Tuesday 24 October, 9pm: Manchester United (a)
  • Wednesday 8 November, 9pm: Manchester United (h)
  • Wednesday 29 November, 9pm: Bayern Munich (a)
  • Tuesday 12 November, 9pm: Galatasaray (h)

Ticket information for FCK Fans
You can find information here about how ticket sales will proceed – and the price list here.

Ticket information for fans of visiting teams
Persons supporting the visiting team are not allowed to buy tickets through F.C. Copenhagen. Reference is made to the visiting club’s own information on tickets to the sections to which the fans of the visiting team have access.

You are only allowed to display your association with the visiting team, e.g. by wearing colors, clothes or the like, or sing anthems or chants related to the visiting team, on the stand sections reserved for the fans of the visiting team. Please note that on the matchday you are not allowed to wear colours, clothes etc. which may be related to other teams than the visiting team.

These rules on “separation of fans” have been made in order to enhance security at all football matches in Parken. If you do not comply with these rules, you may be denied access/expelled without receiving a refund for your ticket, unless you have a ticket for the visiting team’s section. To the extent possible, the stewards will refer you to other sections in Parken.