Jacob Neestrup

FCK suffer defeat to Midtjylland

F.C. Copenhagen suffered a 2-1 defeat to FC Midtjylland on Thursday evening despite a late rally from the Lions that saw Diogo Gonçalves convert a penalty to give a sold-out Parken Stadium hope of reversing the contest.

"Of course it hurts to lose a very important match against a direct competitor, but we haven't given up hope (on the title) yet," says FCK head coach Jacob Neestrup.

"There are still points to play for in the first two rounds of games.

"But it's crazy to lose a game like this when we had so many chances, both before and after their two goals. And we made two gigantic mistakes, which of course shouldn't happen, but that's just how football is sometimes. Everyone at the top level can make mistakes, everyone knows that.

"And even though we had a bad spell there was still enough time to come back, and as I said, we also created plenty of chances and pressed them deep for most of the second half, until we started to open up a little at the end. We had a lot of good attacks, a good flow to the game, and pushed them.

"So even though we ended up losing, I actually think we played a good game, but it reminds me of the two games before Christmas, which we also lost 2-1 (against AGF and Viborg) after having played really well. This was the third time in the season that it has happened."