Robert Mudrazija

FCK extend Mudražija contract

F.C.  Copenhagen have extended the agreement with Robert Mudražija by one year, so his contract now runs until the end of 2024.
"We still see great potential in Mudražija, but he has had a very uneven time at FCK due to many injuries that have slowed his development," says manager Ståle Solbakken.
“With this agreement, we give each other peace and time to work further and ensure that he gets continuity into his training, matches and career. Therefore, it is an agreement that makes really good sense for both parties."
Mudražija joined FCK in January 2019 and has played eight matches in the white jersey.
“First, I feel that I owe the manager and the club a big thank you for the trust they show me in extending the deal," says Mudražija.
"So far it has not gone as any of us had dreamed, because I have been very unlucky with injuries. Now I am back in full training and am very motivated to pay the club back for the confidence I have been shown.
"I need to build up and earn the right to play again, and now I have time and peace of mind for us to work on it long-term.”