FC Talent Department strikes youth education agreement with VUC Lyngby

F.C. Copenhagen and education providers VUC Lyngby have agreed to permanent make their collaboration, which ensures players in the FCK Talent Department maintain their levels of education.

For the past two years the club and VUC Lyngby have worked to provide FCK players of high school age with the right educational teaching.

The agreement ensures that young players, while developing their talent on the football pitch, also complete their youth education and access opportunities outside of sport.

The players will now also be taught at the FCK Talent Department's premises. This means the players will spend less time and energy heading to classes, and ensures teaching times can be flexible to avoid absences.

Football and school combine at FCK
"We are pleased to extend the collaboration with VUC Lyngby, who have helped us create a unified educational programme, where football and school combine," says Kristoffer Johansen, Head of Education & Player Care at FCK's Talent Department.

"We believe that schooling is an important factor that helps to develop the professional football players of the future. In addition, our players must have good opportunities when their careers end one day.

"Therefore, it is essential for us to have a partner who offers both high professional quality and great flexibility, so that the players' lives both on and off the field are interconnected."

Detailed planning of the overall course
With the new permanent agreement, players across FCK's U17 and U19 teams, plus the young players in the first-team squad, will receive optimal educational conditions in parallel with their footballing training, by having a base and campus at FCK's training facility.

"VUC Lyngby boasts many years of experience in tailoring education for elite athletes," says Trine Ellegaard Christensen, Head of Education at VUC Lyngby.

"We know that if young people who are in full swing with a sports career are to both succeed and thrive at their school, then it is important that the two things combine well.

"Youngsters perform better both on the field and in school when these courses aren't separated. Instead, it is better to have mindset and structure as a single course.

"That is why we are really happy to extend our collaboration with FCK - it provides support, wellbeing and value, for the students and for us."

New facilities
There will also be new facilities for teaching in the new building, which will be built on the training facility at Number 10 in the coming weeks.