F.C. Copenhagen touch down in Gibraltar

The F.C. Copenhagen players touched down in Gibraltar on Wednesday in preparation for Thursday's UEFA Europa Conference League clash with Lincoln Red Imps.

Jess Thorup's men sit top of Group F with two games remaining, which means a win in the Mediterranean would ensure FCK safe passage into the knockout stage.

Speaking ahead of the game, FCK captain Nicolai Boilesen said: "It's not the most glamorous of settings I've played in in Europe, but this ground has its charms. In Denmark you quickly get to know the familiar Superliga stadiums, but in Europe we face all kinds of conditions.

"It is also important for our young players to get experience here. When we played in Greece last time out, we could hardly hear each other from five metres away (because of the noise), but that will probably not be the case here.

"When we met Lincoln in Parken we went in front after two or three minutes, and it might have looked as though we were on for a walkover, but that's not how the game went.

"We didn't play our best match either, and one of our goals was a gift to Jens (Stage) from their goalkeeper.

"So we have to go out and deliver a professional performance and finish the work here."

Lincoln Red Imps vs FCK kicks off at 6:45pm on Thursday.