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Astana 0-1 FCK: Ståle reaction

F.C. Copenhagen beat Astana 1-0 in our first training match of the winter camp in Portugal - thanks to an early goal from Michael Santos.

And manager Ståle Solbakken was delighted with the performance as much as the result.

"I'm very pleased! Especially in the first half, where we moved the ball quickly against a team that played deep in a 5-4-1 formation," Ståle said.

"We managed to create four or five good chances in addition to the early goal from Santos.

"The pace slowed down a bit in the second half, with both teams changing around a bit, and we made some technical mistakes as well.

"But overall there were a lot of good performances tonight against a good opponent who boast a lot of European experience.

"It was especially gratifying to see the efforts of several of the players who, for various reasons, did not play as much in the autumn, so there is more competition for places after today."

It is now just two weeks until FCK kick off the spring half of the 3F Superliga season away at Esbjerg.

The Lions await their next friendly game on Monday against IFK Norrköping, where Ståle expects Andreas Bjelland, Dame N'Doye and Viktor Fischer to be available.

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