FCK søger: Football Analyst Internship, F.C. Copenhagen U17

Job description

At F.C. Copenhagen, we believe there is a need to develop a deeper understanding of the game, that informs decision-making by coaches, in order to enhance team performance and development.

This is why we are looking to add an analyst to our coaching staff at F.C Copenhagen U17. We believe that the analyst plays an important role in the weekly process, carried out by the coaching staff.

The analyst should support the coaches with video, analysis and feedback throughout the weekly process.

We believe game-analysis should consider both the collective and individual, for both own team and opposition.

Competence in game-analysis and software is important, as well as the skill to deliver information effectively to players and coaches.

The analyst will also support us, in developing our method for how to best apply virtual reality. We believe the connection to our game model has to be strong when using VR, and therefore the analyst can enhance the process.


  • Liaising with the U17 coaching staff to produce post-match feedback on individual and team levels.
  • Underpinning a match-day set-up with in-game video coding, and delivery of immediate post-match analysis.
  • Filming training sessions and providing subsequent analysis.
  • Contributing to the organisation and implementation of performance analysis-based learning activities in the talent department and throughout the club, for instance in the application of virtual-reality.


We value,

  • University-background.
  • Demonstrably high level of football knowledge - either as a player, coach or analyst.
  • Well-rounded technical ability, and experience with a variety of video and presentation software.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and present insights clearly to coaching staff and players.


Please send your application here:

Dealine: 17 November 2019