Terms of Membership and Purchase

1.    Season cards for F.C. Copenhagen’s home matches at Telia Parken

1.1.    By purchasing either Family, Active Fan Pas, Platinum or Gold season cards, each card is issued, providing access for one person to each of F. C. Copenhagen’s home matches in the Alka Superliga during the season 2015/2016.

1.2.    When purchasing season tickets for the season 2016/2017, persons above the age of 14 will automatically become members of F. C. Copenhagen’s loyalty club, VoresKBH. Please see section 5 below for more information on VoresKBH. As F.C. Copenhagen also would like to welcome families with children, holders of season cards at the age of 5 to 10 years can become members of Klub Leo, just as holders of season cards at the age of 11 to 15 years can become members of FCK Junior. Please see section 8 below for more information on the children’s clubs.

1.3.    Platinum season cards contain a gift voucher of a value of DKK 500, and gold and family season cards contain gift vouchers of DKK 100. The gift voucher is stored on the season card and can be used at the FCK Fan Shop situated at Øster Allé 56, 2100 Copenhagen. When purchasing Platinum season cards for the first coming season, any unused amounts from the current season will be transferred to the first coming season. Transferred amounts, which have not been used within two (2) years from issuance of the gift voucher, shall automatically lapse without notice and without compensation. The oldest amount will always be used first. The gift voucher cannot be turned into cash.

1.4.    When purchasing a numbered season card, the card is valid for the stand, row and seat number indicated on the season ticket. When purchasing a season card that is not numbered, the card is valid for the stand indicated on the season card, however cf. section 1.5 below.

1.5.    F.C. Copenhagen reserves the right to assign season card holders to another seat/stand by notification via e-mail or SMS at least ten (10) days before the match. Also, for safety reasons, F.C. Copenhagen’s personnel may assign season card holders to another seat/stand. Season card holders will not receive any compensation in this respect.

1.6.    When purchasing season cards for the coming season, season card holders have the opportunity of requesting that the season cards be issued for the former stand, row and seat number, and thus they are given priority over new members. Regardless of the above, F.C. Copenhagen is not obliged to grant the same stand, row and seat number, just as changes to the physical settings of Telia Parken etc. may make it impossible to offer the same stand, row and seat number.

1.7.    The season cards must be brought for all home matches. If a season card holder fails to bring the season card, entrance is only possible against payment of normal entrance fee, and only if seats are available. The entrance fee is non-refundable.

1.8.    The season card is not personal and can be lend to others. Please note that season cards for children, students or senior citizens cannot be lend to an adult, unless the difference between the entrance fees is paid by contacting the information desk on the day of the match.

1.9.    Lost or damaged season cards are replaced against payment of an administration fee of DKK 150.00. If you wish to change an assigned seat at Telia Parken to another available seat, the price is also DKK 150.00.

1.10.    If a season card is reported lost, the card will be cancelled and can no longer be used. The administration fee for issuing a new season card is not refunded if the lost season card reappears. The loss of a season card must reported by e-mail using saesonkort@fck.dk.

2.    Purchase, payment and delivery

2.1.    Season cards can be bought online at www.FCK.dk and physically at F.C. Copenhagen’s merchandise shop at Øster Allé. Season cards are issued continuously during the sales period from the beginning of June 2015. In relation to online purchases, two weeks’ delivery time must be expected.

2.2.    Going prices for season cards are listed at www.FCK.dk.

2.3.    Purchase of season cards for persons under the age of 15 can only be made by an adult or with written consent from a parent or a guardian, as also stated in connection with the ordering process. The same applies for persons under guardianship.

3.    Cash payment and instalment plan

3.1.    Payment for season cards can be made in cash. When purchasing season cards, persons above the age of 18 have the opportunity of making arrangements for an instalment plan with payments in a total of 3, 6, 9 or 10 instalments. In order to make an instalment plan it is a condition that the season card has been bought before the start of the new season.

3.2.    Please see this link for the going prices for platinum and gold cards.

3.3.    The credit costs involved in the instalment plan amount to 10% of the purchase sum, however, no less than DKK 50 and no more than DKK 150.

3.4.    When setting up the instalment plan, there is a cancellation right of two weeks.

3.5.    The first instalment and the fee for the instalment payment are paid by credit card in connection with the purchase of the season cards and subsequent instalments are charged by payment link send via e-mail and SMS. Regardless of the cause, it is not possible to receive whole or partial refund of the total amount.

3.6.    The term of payment for each instalment is 10 days, after which a reminder fee of a going rate of DKK 100 is added to the outstanding amount. For each instalment, three (3) reminder letters are sent, after which the season card is cancelled and the remaining amount is referred to debt collection.

4.    Cancellation right

4.1.    When purchasing the season card online, there is a two weeks’ cancellation right, if the season card is returned intact. If the season card has been used, the cancellation right lapses.

5.    VoresKBH

5.1.    Persons above the age of 15 automatically become members of VoresKBH when purchasing a season card.

5.2.    As a member of VoresKBH, season card holders can, by attending home matches and follow F.C. Copenhagen on the social media, earn points which can be converted into unique experiences, participation in competitions, merchandise and exclusive events at Pointshoppen.

5.3.    Membership of VoresKBH is valid for the entire football season 2016/2017 and runs from 1 July 2016 and until 30 June 2017, regardless of when the season card is purchased.

5.4.    VoresKBH membership ends without notice when the membership period expires on 30 June 2017.

5.5.    Renewal of the membership of VoresKBH is done by purchasing a season card for the season in question in accordance with the Terms of Membership and Purchase in force at any time. Prior to a new season, F.C. Copenhagen sends information and offers to existing VoresKBH members with the Terms of Membership and Purchase for the new season.

5.6.    By purchasing a season card for the next season, VoresKBH members have the opportunity of requesting the season card issued for the former stand, row and seat number, and thus they are given priority over new members, cf. section 1.6 above. Also, all unused points are transferred to the new membership, cf. more details in section 6.8 below.

6.    How to earn and use points using VoresKBH

6.1.    Each time you as a member of VoresKBH attend a match at Telia Parken, you earn points which can be converted into unique experiences, competitions, merchandise and exclusive events at Pointshoppen. Points are registered by scanning the season card when entering Telia Parken.

6.2.    Members of VoresKBH earn 20 points for each match they attend using the VoresKBH card.

6.3.    Members of VoresKBH can see their earned points on their personal profile at https://voreskbh.fck.dk.

6.4.    Goods and services at Pointshoppen can only be purchased by using earned points. You cannot change your mind about the use of earned points, exchange or return goods or services from Pointshoppen.

6.5.    Earned points cannot be transferred to other members of VoresKBH and cannot be converted into cash.

6.6.    It is the sole responsibility of the members of VoresKBH to ensure that the login to their personal profile is not handed to any third party.

6.7.    Earned points will automatically expire as of 30 June the year after expiry of the most recent membership.

6.8.    When purchasing a season card, including a membership of VoresKBH for the next season, all earned points are transferred. Earned points can be transferred without restrictions between consecutive memberships.

6.9.    In case of the closing down of VoresKBH, all earned and transferred points will expire as of 30 June the year after expiry of the last membership.

6.10.    No later than 30 days before your points expire, you will receive notification hereof.

6.11.    No compensation is given for unused points.

7.    News and offers – VoresKBH

7.1.    As a part of the membership, members of VoresKBH have the opportunity of giving consent to receiving exclusive news and offers from F.C. Copenhagen, PARKEN Sport & Entertainment A/S and from all of our business partners. News and offers will be forwarded electronically via e-mail, SMS or regular mail. If you no longer want to receive news and offers, you can unsubscribe via e-mail using saesonkort@fck.dk.

8.    Children’s’ clubs

8.1.    Holders of season cards at the age of 5 to 10 years have the opportunity of becoming members of Klub Leo, and holders of season cards at the age of 11 to 15 years have the opportunity of becoming members of FCK junior.

8.2.    Membership of the children’s clubs provides opportunities for unique experiences such as being match mascot, attend events etc., as the activities of the two children’s clubs are organised to match the age of the children. Attending club activities require a valid season card, but does not cost anything in addition hereto.

8.3.    Membership of the children’s clubs require written accept from a parent or a guardian, which is clear from the online ordering process. Granted consent can at any time be revoked by parents or guardians by written request, e-mailing saesonkort@fck.dk.

8.4.    On an ongoing basis, F.C Copenhagen issues information on special events and other club activities and benefits, to which you have access as member of the children’s clubs. The information is sent regularly to the e-mail address provided upon registration of membership. It is possible to register more than one e-mail address and to unsubscribe from the list at any time emailing saesonkort@fck.dk.

8.5.    Upon registering for membership of Klub Leo and FCK Junior, the new members receive a welcome gift at a value of up to DKK 349.00, which can be collected from F.C. Copenhagen’s merchandise shop FCK MegaStore at Øster Allé, 2100 Copenhagen during normal opening hours in July and August 2015.

8.6.    Memberships of the children’s clubs are valid for the entire football season 2015/2016 and run from 1 July 2015 and until 30 June 20146, regardless of when season cards are purchased and membership registration takes place.

8.7.    Membership of the children’s clubs ceases without further notice when the membership period expires on 30 June 2016.

8.8.    If membership of the children’s clubs is wanted for a new season, membership is renewed by purchase of season cards for the season in question in accordance with the Terms of Membership and Purchase in force at any time. Prior to a new season, F.C. Copenhagen issues information and offers to the provided e-mail addresses with the Terms of Membership and Purchase for the new season.

9.    Matches

9.1.    Season card holders are at all times responsible for keeping informed of matches, time of matches and any reschedule of matches. Special attention is drawn to the fact that matches may be rescheduled due to television broadcasts etc., and season card holders are encouraged to keep informed of matches and times through the media and www.FCK.dk.

9.2.    F.C. Copenhagen is not responsible for the number of matches or the scheduling of these. Consequently, season card holders cannot file any claims for damages, compensation or whole or partial refund of the entire amount in connection with cancelled matches or rescheduled matches, regardless of the cause hereof.

10.    Rules of Conduct

10.1.    Staying at Telia Parken must always be in accordance with the Ground Regulations for Telia Parken in force at any time.

10.2.    Staying at Telia Parken is always at the visitor’s own risk. Telia Parken is not liable for any injuries or property damage caused by accidents or other visitors’ acts or omissions.

10.3.    Any instructions given by Telia Parken’s personnel, stewards or public authorities must always be complied with by the visitors at Telia Parken.

11.    Misuse, suspension and exclusion

11.1.    F.C. Copenhagen reserves the right to suspend season card holders if they grossly or repeatedly act improperly towards other members, visitors, employees or equipment at Telia Parken or if they do not comply with the regulations applying at Telia Parken. Persons who are suspended from Telia Parken may lend their season cards to third parties, but they are not themselves allowed access to matches at Telia Parken.

11.2.    F.C. Copenhagen reserves the right to confiscate season cards and exclude season card holders from VoresKBH and the children’s clubs in consequence of suspension, regardless of whether such suspension is a consequence of circumstances at Telia Parken or outside Telia Parken, including in connection with away matches being played. Season cards are not returned after confiscation and are not reopened after having been cancelled, and the cards are not refunded.

11.3.    Season card holders are responsible for ensuring that the tickets are not used unlawfully. If the season card is used unlawfully, this will result in cancellation of the card. The season card will not be returned after confiscation and will not be reopened after having been cancelled, and the card is not refunded.

12.    Changes to the Terms of Membership and Purchase

12.1.    F.C. Copenhagen reserves the right to change these Terms of Membership and Purchase giving six (6) months’ notice. This also applies for the terms of earning and using points earned under the VoresKBH membership, and the validity of these points.

12.2.    F.C. Copenhagen reserves the right to close down VoresKBH by giving twelve (12) months’ notice. Closing down VoresKBH will also affect earned points.

12.3.    Purchase of season cards takes place in accordance with the Terms of Membership and Purchase in force at any time. F.C. Copenhagen draws attention to the fact that significant changes to these conditions may appear from season to season.

13.    Miscellaneous

13.1.    Questions regarding VoresKBH, Klub Leo, FCK junior or season cards should be sent via e-mail: saesonkort@fck.dk, via regular mail to: F.C. Copenhagen, att.: Sæsonkort, Per Henrik Lings Allé 2, 2100 Copenhagen.

13.2.    Changes to personal data of season card holders, including name, address, e-mail, telephone number etc., must be notified to saesonkort@fck.dk immediately.

13.3.    Should any dispute arise in connection with these Terms of Membership and Purchase, such dispute shall be settled in accordance with Danish law.

14.    FCK Camp

14.1.    The ticket is personal and cannot be used by any other person. Also, the ticket is only valid for the place and date indicated on the ticket, and it should be brought on the first day at FCK Camp and be presented upon request. Based on grouping, ordering of clothes, diploma and contact information, as well as any other considerations, the ticket is personal. No discount is granted for siblings or in connection with purchase of more than one camp.

14.2.    Clothing – when purchasing a ticket for FCK Camp, the customer is responsible for ensuring that the entered information is correct. Clothes cannot be exchanged after purchase, and therefore you should check that the chosen size is correct. Clothes are handed out after the welcome at the FCK Camp. In case of defects on the clothes, please inform the leader of the Camp upon receipt. Defects mean you have been given the wrong size compared to the ordered size, logo print or defect in manufacturing. The ordered size is seen from the name tag on the bag in which you receive the clothes.

14.3.    Grouping – FCK Camp is responsible for and has a right to grouping and regrouping of the participants.

14.4.    Recording of images and sound – F.C. Copenhagen, FCK Camp and their cooperating partners reserve the right to use footage with motives and sound of authentic or staged situations with all participants at FCK Camp activities in a marketing context without payment.

14.5.    Illness and injuries – In case of illness or accidents resulting in the participant not being able to continue the practice, the parents will be contacted and it is expected that the participant will be picked up. Therefore, it is important, when registering the participant, to state the correct telephone number. No participants are allowed to leave the camp venue during the camp without prior arrangement made between the Camp leader and the parents.

14.6.    Insurance and valuables – The participants are responsible for taking out an insurance covering personal accidents etc. Also, please note that bringing valuables is at you own risk. We recommend that you do not bring unnecessary valuables.

14.7.    Cancellations and changes to the programme – Changes to the programme and partly completed activities because of the weather etc., shall not to be seen as cancellation. FCK Camp is held under open sky, and therefore the weather influences the performance of our activities. In case of bad weather, FCK Camp reserves the right to cancel all or part of the daily activities. In case we are unable to perform pats of the FCK Camp because of the weather, no refund is granted. Tickets are only refunded in case of prior cancellation of the FCK Camp. In case of cancellation, FCK Camp will send information via e-mail.  

15.    Tickets – conditions

15.1.    Please check the ticket for the event, date and time. The match may be rescheduled due to TV broadcast – please keep informed via the media.

15.2.    The ticket is only accepted with a valid barcode and tickets only give admission to the match stated on the ticket. The ticket is only valid if the barcode has been activated. This means that tickets cancelled with F.C. Copenhagen because they have been lost etc., cannot be used for admission. The barcode is only accepted once. The ticket can therefore not be copied or in any other way be used twice.

15.3.    You will be searched when entering Telia Parken. ID is to be presented upon request.

15.4.    It is not permitted to record footage or sound and pass on information from the game to other persons outside Telia Parken, regardless of the method used.

15.5.    Tickets may only be bought from an official FCK box office. In particular, it should be noted that under the Danish act on resale of ticket for cultural and sporting events (in Danish Lov 2007-05-23 nr. 458 om "Videresalg af billetter til kultur- og idrætsarrangementer”) it is illegal to try and obtain profit through resale of concert tickets.

15.6.    Fireworks, food, drinks, bottles, cans and weapons may not be brought and may result in exclusion.

15.7.    Visitors are not allowed access to the football field. Violation results in a claim for payment of a fee of DKK 10,000. Moreover, violation may entail claim for damages.

15.8.    Any visitor at Telia Parken, who through clothing or behaviour shows any affiliation with the visiting team at other areas than the area designated for fans of the visiting team, may be excluded without receiving a refund.

16.    Refunds

16.1.    Purchased tickets and season cards are not refunded.

16.2.    Charged ticket fees and other fees, as well as forwarding costs, are not refunded.

16.3.    F.C. Copenhagen holds no responsibility for copying or resale of tickets.

16.4.    In general, in accordance with the Danish act on resale of ticket for cultural and sporting events (in Danish Lov 2007-05-23 nr. 458 om "Videresalg af billetter til kultur- og idrætsarrangementer”), purchase of tickets is not covered by the right of cancellation.